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Here is what some of our clients have said about the courses.

"I have used the services of Aurora Business Development Ltd. for the past 15 years both for personal training, and for the delivery of ERP / MRP11 training to new employees. I have always found the training to be very beneficial and in particular like the fact that the training is customised to the ability level and needs of the trainees.

Over the years, Aurora has kept itself very up-to-date with new thinking and developments in ERP, SCM, Lean Manufacturing and related areas. I still find the training refreshing and worthwhile and regard Aurora as the best in the business for Training."

     Materials Manager

Brian Matthews has been involved with the Continuous Improvement project at Imperial Tobacco, Cigar Factory in Bristol since 2003. His enthusiasm and pragmatic approach engaged with the entire workforce and ensured that they became committed to improving the business performance and working environment.

Brian’s training and development also ensured that the teams are able to self manage the process in the future; which is vital to make Continuous Improvement continuous.

     Operations Director - Dr Pauline Found

"Probably the best-prepared one-day course I have ever attended."

     Marketing and Technical Director.

' Aurora Business Development provided 'In-House' training for Tyco Electronics Raychem Ireland. The training was immensely informative and was enjoyed by all participants.

Tyco Electronics was very pleased with the consultancy from Brian Matthews and with the training itself also the level of commitment and professionalism shown during the training and the subsequent follow up meetings.'

     Raylene O'Loughlin, Project Manager , May 2006.

"Very easy to understand, and the instructors made us feel comfortable and relaxed."

     Materials Handler.

"I have never attended any other course which has so much immediate usable information."

     Plant Manager

"First Class!"

     Inventory Manager

"Course was totally worthwhile and will fit very well in the upcoming JIT project."

     SPC Co-ordinator

"I found the practical attitude of the instructors refreshing."

     Production Supervisor

"An ideal set of guidelines for running a business."

     Operation Services Manager

These are some of the companies who have used AURORA courses as a part of their training programmes:

  • Abbott Ireland Ltd. - Ireland
  • ACCO Europe Ltd. - UK & Ireland
  • Allergan Pharmaceuticals Ltd. - Ireland
  • Allied Signal Ireland and UK
  • Apple Computers Ltd. - Ireland
  • AT&T International Incorporated - Ireland
  • AT Cross Ltd. - Ireland
  • Avondale Chemical Company - Ireland
  • Bendix Limited - UK
  • Best Foods Ltd. - Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic
  • Bausch & Lomb - Ireland
  • CIBA Agriculture - UK
  • CIBA-GEIGY Pigments - UK
  • CMB Engineering - UK
  • Coca Cola Atlantic - Ireland
  • Cox Pharmaceuticals Ltd. - UK
  • Crown Equipment Ltd. - Ireland
  • Dzus Fastener Europe Ltd., U.K
  • Eli Lilly S.A. - Ireland
  • Erin Foods - Ireland
  • Emerson Electric Industrial Controls Ltd. - UK
  • Firth Furnishing - UK
  • Harris Calorific. - Ireland
  • Hollister Overseas Ltd. - Ireland and UK
  • IBM - Ireland
  • ICL - UK
  • Iprodex Manufacturing Ltd. - Ireland
  • Johnson Matthey plc. - UK
  • Johnson & Johnson. - UK
  • Klix Four Square (Division of Mars G.B. Ltd.) - UK
  • Lion Foods - UK
  • Magnesium Elektron Ltd. - UK
  • Motorola - UK, Ireland
  • Nortel. - Ireland
  • Nycomed Amersham. - USA, UK, Norway
  • Oral-B Laboratories Ireland and the USA
  • Rhone-Poulenc - UK & Ireland
  • Schering Plough (Brinny) Company - Ireland
  • Sonopress - Ireland
  • SPS Hi Life Tools Ltd. - Ireland
  • The Body Shop U.K.
  • Thermo King Europe Ltd. - Ireland
  • Trintech - Ireland
  • Waterford Crystal - Ireland
  • Tyco