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Aurora Consultancy Services

Aurora's Consultancy and Coaching Services are designed to analyse and improve productivity and focus in Your Company.

We also provide Life & Business coaching.

We provide two levels of Consultancy Support to help you become World Class.


Short assignments where a client company needs specialist expertise to help address a particular issue, or identify and solve a specific problem.

  • A six-day study of the materials flow, information flow and planning/control techniques for a major computer manufacturer. Provide a comprehensive report with recommendations for improvements.
  • Two days helping a cosmetics company define their software requirements prior to implementing MRP II/ERP
  • A five-day study leading to improvements in the Just-in-Time operation of a fashion accessories company.
  • 1 day per month on a Continuous Improvement Process / Kaizen project ( 2004)

    Ongoing  coaching for staff members and for the project team


Executive coaching during the project.

Three days helping define the MRP II Implementation Plan for a food company, followed by one day per week project guidance for the duration of the project.

  • Regular performance audits for companies on the way to Class A status, including eventual Class A Certification.
  • Two to eight days per month, as required, for several companies implementing or improving ERP/MRP II and/or JIT.

Our combined Education and Coaching services provide the ideal springboard for Total Customer Satisfaction, and a stronger competitive advantage for Your Company.