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Course Summaries

Continuous Improvement

These comprehensive programmes are aimed at the organisation and the implementation team. They are specifically designed for people working in ERP, Supply Chain, Materials, Manufacturing and planning. They provide the practical tools and techniques every member of staff needs to achieve result in a to days world-class organisations..

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People Development

These courses are specifically aimed at developing people. The programmes recognise and release peoples’ potential and help them become more efficient, effective and economic for their organisations. The target audiences are; Team Leaders, Supervisor, Facilitators and middle managements

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Customer Service

These courses are designed for the hospitality and services industries but are also applicable to all industry. They provide the needed customer care and service tools for the diverse workforce. Target attendees include multi cultural and customer facing employees.

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Tailored Development

Any of the standard courses can be adapted to meet the specific needs of our customers. These tailored course can be part of an agreed program to tackle an identified problem or areas for improvement in the company. These courses can be run in house or at a venue of your choosing at a time and date that best suits you business. These are often the best value for money options for organisations with large training needs.

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